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אדם אלפסי, יינן היקב מכוון בעשייתו לסנכרון המושלם בין הטבע לטכנולוגיה כך שהתוצאה תהיה היין המושלם בגביע היין שלכם.
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Come and meet our family 



– the eldest brother and winemaker since the Winery was founded in 2003, Adam creates the wines out of a profound love of the subject. He brings precision and meticulousness to the undertaking, stemming from an aspiration to create the best quality and best-tasting wine with no compromises. Lives in Kibbutz Neot Mordechai, married to Sharon and father of three. Adam has a B.A. in Plant Sciences and a Master’s degree with honors in Oenology and Viticulture from the Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot. Adam is involved in everything that happens in the winery, from vineyard to bottle.


the matriarch, an artist and creator. Captures moments in time. Her paintings reflect life on the Golan Heights; together, making dreams come true and responding to life’s challenges. Dreamed up the winery together with Michael and their four children after years of working in Moshav Odem. Idit is a partner in all the strategic decisions taken at the Winery.


the patriarch of the family. A people person, a man of agriculture with a hands-on entrepreneurial spirit. He dreamed up the winery with his wife Idit and their four children. After years of establishing and working in Moshav Odem, and in entrepreneurship, in 2003 he envisioned the entire family coming together in a shared undertaking, establishing a family life project – Odem Mountain Winery. 


the best drinker. After years of working in the Visitors’ Center, Yaara currently manages the Winery’s digital marketing department and is continually working to improve the Winery’s branding and public relations on all fronts. Yaara has a B.A. in Human Services, lives in Moshav Odem, is married to Maharato and a mother of two.


 the first person you’ll meet when you drop in to visit us. Efrat runs the Visitors’ Center with a big smile and with characteristic boldness. As part of her position, she’s played a crucial part in making the Visitors’ Center a significant, central point for tourism in the northern Golan Heights. Efrat lives in Moshav Odem, is married to Eli and mother to Alma.


worked together with Adam as a winemaker at the winery since it was founded in 2003. Grew up together with the winery in many positions, including operations manager, Visitors’ Center manager and more. In the last years he has taken an individual route, but continues to follow the winery in every step taken behind the scenes and in public. Lives in Kibbutz Neot Mordechai, married to Nurit and father of three.


Yuval and Monica Golan

Yuval and Monica Golan – joined the Odem Mountain Winery in 2009 out of a rare affinity with the Alfasi family and the Winery’s wines. Yuval and Monica are owner-partners in the Winery, bringing with them a balanced, responsible and creative viewpoint. They live in Tel Aviv and are parents to Guy.


Shay Alfasi

Shay Alfassi – joined the Odem Mountain Winery family in 2016. Brought his sales knowledge to establish the Winery’s marketing system in central Israel. At every wine shop that stocks us, from Hadera to Eilat, there’s a chance you’ll meet Shay. Shay lives in Petah Tikva, is married to Liat and father of three.

Meirav boshy

Meirav – joined the Odem Mountain Winery family in 2013, and has since been managing the office and is a central hub of Winery activities. She works with salespeople in the field, private and business clients and Winery employees. Lives in Kibbutz Elrom, married to Erez, mother of three and works for the wildlife of the Golan and Galilee.

Alon Arbel

the Winery’s CEO. He joined the Odem Mountain Winery family in early 2019, and leads the Winery in a variety of management and strategic and business fields. Alon connects the dream, the work and the people. He has a Master’s degree in Business Strategy and is a Company Commander on reserve duty. Lives in Kibbutz Ayelet Hashahar, married to Shani and father of Shay-li.

Yigal ohayon

joined the Odem Mountain Winery family in 2016, rose through the Winery’s production system and nowadays Yigal manages operations in the production system, serving among other things as a Kashrut supervisor. Yigal lives in Kiryat Shmona, is married to Hagit and father of four.

Eli Weizman

if you’re looking for someone to enjoy a glass of wine with, Eli’s your man! Look for him behind the bar at the Winery at the outdoor events, always smiling and eager to provide the best experience ever. Lives in Moshav Odem, married to Efrat and father to Alma.

Meir Ohayon

joined the Odem Mountain Winery family in 2018, rose through the Winery’s production system, and nowadays manages marketing and distribution between the Hermon and Hadera. Ensures that you’ll find us at every point of interest in the North, in restaurants, B&B’s or wine shops. Meir is warm and courteous, married to Yifat and father of two

Yaron levi

a Jerusalem native, Yaron begins the week with a glass of wine at Mahane Yehuda. Yaron, our sales manager in the Jerusalem region, joined the Odem Mountain Winery family in 2017. It’s said of Yaron, “Wine connoisseurs come to him, wine lovers buy from him”. Ron is married to Dana and a father of three.

Mahareto biadgalin

our man in the vineyards and orchards. Joined the Winery enterprise in 2018, and since then has been manager of the agricultural complex – responsible for all that happens in the Winery vineyards from pruning to harvest, from bud to bunch. Works in full cooperation with Adam, married to Ya’ara, lives in Odem and father of two.

Tal gabay

joined the Odem Mountain Winery family in 2019. Responsible for the service system at the Visitors’ Center, he’ll be happy to expand your knowledge of anything to do with the Winery and the world of wine, always with professionalism, patience and a smile. Tal lives in Sha’al, is married to Olga, and is the best ever cork shooter from a distance.

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